Monday, June 6, 2016

Tomorrow, Make a Miracle in 24 Hours - $48k - all or nothing!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, starting at 7:00am EST, you will have the special opportunity to make a real difference for the Jewish community of Chernigov.

There are 4,000 Jews in Chernigov, and they waiting for our help.The children who have a blast in day camp, who play together in preschool, who learn in hebrew school. The needy who wait desperately for the lifeline that a food package provides. The men and women who learn in the Kollel Torah - an exciting learning program that is making a Jewish revolution. The hundreds who come to holidays and celebrate life cycle events together, learning about their heritage after a too-long Communist reign.

4,000 Jews. They have one address to turn to: The Jewish Community Center which is committed to providing for all their needs.

In partnership with, and with your help, we are raising $48,000 for the Jewish community of Chernigov.

We have 3 generous matchers who have pledged to quadruple your donation. That means that for every dollar that you give, the Jewish community of Chernigov will get $4. This is an incredible opportunity to show your support and make a real difference to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Tuesday at 7:00am EST this page will be updated with the link to the donation page. Stay tuned!

Here’s the catch: It’s all or nothing. If we do not raise all the money in time, we lose it all.

Spread the word! w:  t: 347.410.6002 e:    #makeamiracle

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