Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jewish Leaders Congratulate New Governor

CHERNIGOV, Ukraine – At the inauguration ceremony for the new Governor of Chernigov Region, Vladimir Nikolaevich Khomenko, leaders of the local Jewish community attended and extended their congratulations on this occasion. The event was also attended by religious leaders of other faiths.

At the ceremony, held on April 27 at the Chernigov Regional Administration, Governor Khomenko addressed the leaders about the importance of creating moral and spiritual goals and imparting them to citizens. “Let us work together toward achieving the vision of a better Chernigov,” he stated.

Rabbi Yisroel Silberstein, Rabbi of Chernigov, took the occasion to speak about the responsibility of leaders to help others. “With a new position comes new responsibility,” he stated, “What one has done yesterday, does not suffice for today. We must always make advancements in spirituality as well.”

Semyon Bellman, the president of the Jewish community of Chernigov, underlined the positive relations between the Jewish community and Governor Khomenko in the past. Through his critical support, the Chernigov Music Festival was created, an event that helps preserve the rich culture of the Ukrainian and Jewish peoples for future generations.

The Jewish leaders presented Governor Khomenko with a silver Menorah and Rabbi Silberstein explained the lesson of the Menorah “that we must always increase our worthy activities”.