Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Sweet Torah

The kosher ice cream,a once a year production, was sent to us all the way from Donetsk on the other side of the country. It was carefully kept in the freezer for the past month. Allen, who runs an ice-cream bar, graciously got things set up.

A crowd of 60 gathered, and anticipation built as they waited for the desserts.

The Torah was read, and people were thrilled to get aliyahs. The 10 commandments were read to a fascinated audience, some of whom had never been in synagogue before.

Then, everyone made their way downstairs where a delicious dessert buffet was set up. The fruit, homemade cakes, and of course, ice creams and various toppings were thoroughly enjoyed by all. The kids especially loved tasting all the kosher sweets.

May the message and the sweetness of the Torah seep in to us and stay with us all year round.