Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pesach in Chernigov a Giant Success

This Pesach, the Jewish Community of Chernigov, Ukraine learned that freedom in possible under the most challenging conditions. Chernigov’s Jews really left their comfort zone and gathered in the newly renovated Restaurant Okeanya, located in Chernigov’s central square. At a time of real fear in the streets of Ukraine, the Jewish community nevertheless came out for the largest Pesach seder ever. Two public seders were held, with over a 150 in attendance. Many attendees experienced a seder for the first time in their lives.

Sasha, a middles aged businessman until recently refused to even hear about attending Jewish events, saying that he did not consider himself Jewish.

This year, Rabbi Silberstein relates, he was shocked to receive a phone call from Sasha “Rabbi, how can I be a part of the seder this year?” he wanted to know.

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