Thursday, September 20, 2012

A New Year at the Red Square

Rosh Hashana. A new year, a new start. For the Jews located in Chernigov, Rosh Hashana was also a mark of pride of their Jewish identity. An overflow crowd of 150 came to a beautiful holiday meal in the elegant restaurant ‘Okian’, located in the central square of Chernigov. 30 years ago, attendees remarked, blowing the shofar in our “red square” was not even they would dream about. Today, many local Jews are still breaking through the Soviet mentality of hiding their Judaism. Yet this Rosh Hashana, they were able to see that Judaism can, indeed, be displayed proudly.  Our guests, Rabbi Mendel Duchman and his son J.J., inspired the community with their fiery enthusiasm for Judaism and love for all Jews.

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