Monday, May 23, 2011

Bright smiles under the blue Ukrainian sky

Sounds of music, combined with laughter, giggles, and excited shouts, were heard from Krupskoy 48, a scenic wooded area and second home to the Jewish children in Chernigov, the Or Avner Educational Complex.

This past Sunday, Jewish children and families gathered for a rally of Jewish unity and Torah.

Then, with palpable pride, they paraded through the streets of Chernigov.  

  The children and the parents were then treated to an afternoon of unbelievable activities, carnival, limousine rides and a moon bounce. 

  The delicious barbecue and picnic was polished off.

Every person present received an amazing door prize - a day pass at the Gor Sad amusement park, and beautiful new book teaching Hebrew through Tehillim.

The smiles on the faces of the Jews of Chernigov looked like were permanently glued on. Everyone went home with memories, and a sense of Jewish pride that will last a lifetime.

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