Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pesach in Chernigov - a Huge Success

The crowd in the hall looked at the door expectantly, as they waited for Eliyahu the prophet to visit the seder, as he does to each Jewish home on the seder night.

And then, from the back of the room, came "Eliyah Hanavi".  A gasp rose up in the room as people began to recognize a community member dressed in a long robe. The haggadah became alive to the seder participants. They began to shout of their requests for a good year, asking for happiness, peace, and spirituality.

It was a touching end to a beautiful seder, enjoyed by 150 participants in the restaurant Khutorok. Between seder plates, the four questions, reading of the haggadah, and stories, the seder was a huge success.

~ ~

The last few hours of Pesach is an opportune time for the coming of Moshiach. At the closing of Pesach this year, the Chernigov community, and especially the youth, gathered for a "Moshiach Seudah", or Meal of Moshiach.

The inspiration was palpable as the guests tried to hold on to the holiday for just a little longer. The singing went on for a long time, as people enjoyed the last of the Pesach salads, matza, and wine. Pesach finally ended, but the inspiration and positive resolutions will remain forever.

May we merit to spend next Pesach in Jerusalem with Moshiach!

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