Sunday, January 30, 2011

Watch Aliza in action tonight – LIVE

Watch Aliza in action tonight – LIVE

Tonight you can tune in live and watch thousand of Shluchot and community leaders for an evening of intense inspiration, culminating in a grand international roll call, where our own Aliza will be announcing all the participating leaders and their respective countries!

See Aliza in action! Cheer her on!

Here is the link to be a part of this online:


Watch it Live!

The live webcast of the gala Brooklyn banquet, presented by International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Women Emissaries, will be broadcast this Sunday evening, January 30th, at 5:45pm ET.

The banquet is the grand finale of a five-day-long conference attended by more than 2,800 Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchos, who will be joined by their local lay leaders in New York City.

Log on to www.Jewish.TV to watch this extraordinary webcast.

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